Achievement Outcome 4

Under outcome 4 The project staff collected, compiled, and disseminated documented lessons-learned, experiences, and best practices related to the development of the Dongola wind farm (including website, film, and photos) for the wind farm project in Sudan. A mission was implemented to the Kingdom of Morocco for Standing to Morocco’s experience in the field of renewable energy and to provide cross-sectoral perspective and high-level political support for the new renewable energy law when it comes to approval by the National Assembly. Of particular importance were the training workshops: Updating Grid Emission Factor, Power Purchase Agreement, Grid Integration of RE Power Generation Systems, NAMA Academy Fall 2015, WAsP Software training program, Wind farms, and contracts management, Finance for Non -Financial Managers, Power Purchase PPA, Financing Power Projects, Policymaker tour to the kingdom of Morocco, Ammonit wind measurement equipment, Formulating proposals for low carbon climate-resilient development: Designing Green Climate Fund (GCF) Projects and Designing maps with ArcGIS which will be held on Beirut, Lebanon on 25 Sept 2017 -6 October.

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