Dongola Wind Farm Site visit

The project team and the bidders for the construction of the access road have visited the wind farm baseline project at the Dongola site to see the nature of the area where the access road will be implemented. Later on the 16th of October 2016, the bids are evaluated. And the contract with the winning … Read more

4th Technical Committee Meeting

The Project technical committee has discussed the Quarterly Operational Report for the period April-June 2016 and the work plan for the coming period and approved both documents with comments and recommendations to be taken forward by the project management unit. 

5th Project Technical Committee Meeting

The fifth project technical committee meeting took place at the project office on 18th August 2016, discussed the project’s quarterly operational report for April – June 2016 and the quarterly work plan for July – September 2016. The meeting approved both documents with additional valuable recommendations. 

Workshop On Power Purchase Agreement

The wind energy project contracted an international consultant to prepare the standard power purchase agreement specifically to address the needs for Renewable energy projects. Training Workshop on Power Purchase PPA organized by the project in May 2016 in Khartoum Sudan to support human resource development In House. The number of participants is 15 representatives from … Read more

Workshop in Wind Resource Mapping

Training workshop on wind resource mapping 13-19 December 2015: The proper assessment of the wind resource at any potential wind farm site represents the cornerstone in the decision-making process of whether the site is to be considered for wind turbine installation or not. Unlike other renewable energy technologies, wind farms need to be preceded by a … Read more

Site Visits To Red Sea Coast

Visit to Red sea coast and Dongola wind farm sites with the Migratory Soaring Birds consultant 1st October 2015, 22 October 2015: A site visit with MSB consultant to New-Toker, SWAKIN, Mohammed-Goal, North Port Sudan, Sheikh-Ibrahim, and Dongola.


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